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How does the referral program work?

We believe in you and your dreams, and we intend to build a safe space for more entrepreneurial women like you to learn and grow together. So why keep it to yourself? Let's bring along more aspirational women like yourself to the platform and earn points as part of this program

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Refer us to your friends and earn 5 points for each referral who signs up on the waitlist

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How does the referral program work?

step 1

Refer a friend and earn reward points: For every 5 friends you refer, you will be rewarded ________ points. Your friends too will earn ____ points.

step 2

You will have access to our Newsletter, Special Events and Ask Me Anything(AMA) sessions with experts

step 3

Every point you earn moves you up on the Leaderboard. You can redeem the reward points for our exclusive offers designed for an aspiring woman like yourself.


That's not the end, remember you are competing against 20k+ members on the waitlist

Based on the number of points you've earned till date, you can see your rank on our leaderboard here. Stay on top of the leaderboard and get access to the exclusive benefits.

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